Cupid's Valentine Screen Saver

Cupid's Valentine Screen Saver 1.0

A nice screensaver that helps you to express love to the people you care about
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Sometimes when we want to express our feelings toward that special person in our life, the right words just do not come to our minds. And probably you, and your loved one, are tired of the same old Valentine’s Day cards that many people use.
Cupid’s Valentine Screensaver will help you to express your love to the people you care about.
If you are in the case described above, probably this peculiar screensaver will save your day. What a better way of saying “I love you” than our friend Cupid and a couple of hearts?
You can give this pretty program to that special person so, every time he or she starts thinking about you, the PC screen will remind him or her of your feelings.
Whenever your computer is idle, the screen will go black and in a few moments a little cute Cupid will appear flying around the screen. Once in a while he will prepare his bow and arrow and shoot it randomly. The arrow hits its target and immediately a beautiful red heart appears on the screen, preceded by a kind of “bubbles” effect that gives it a nice touch. After the heart is on the screen, it will display a message of love inside it. Cupid continues flying around and shooting arrows, creating a new heart every time.
Cupid’s Valentine Screensaver includes nice music to accompany Cupid’s actions.
And if this does not seem enough, you can also add your own personal message with the background of a glowing heart.
I am pretty sure that both you and your loved one will really like this screensaver. It will be a great way to have your other half in your mind any time you want.

Fernando Soni
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  • Nice images and animation
  • Music


  • The action is too slow
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